The D&L Custom House Broker Advantage

You’ve been home a year and your trophies are still on vacation….You ask yourself what happened, where are my trophies, when are they coming home, what did I miss?? I find the simplest answer, whether it is an old shipment or a new shipment, you won’t have to ask any of these questions should you choose to hire D&L as your U.S. Customs broker. Here’s how we work:

1/ You hire D&L Custom House Broker

2/ You complete our packet and send back to us either prior to or directly upon your return

3/ You pay the overseas taxidermist and or shipping agent upon request.

Your job is done!!

As a company we feel that our job is to keep track of your trophies from the time you return from your hunt until they have safely arrived at the delivery destination. D&L provides a unique service, a U.S. customs broker’s job is simply to clear your trophies through U.S. Customs, Agriculture and

Fish and Wildlife but we take it several steps further:


1/ D&L contacts your outfitter/taxidermist/shipping agent to introduce ourselves and to ensure that your trophies are shipped correctly.

2/ D&L will do monthly/weekly/daily follow ups with your shipment. We will be sure to cc you and/or

your taxidermist in on the communications so you will have continual updates on the whereabouts of your trophies.

3/ D&L will help to secure any U.S. permits i.e.; cites that maybe required

4/ D&L will double check your documents to try and help catch any errors prior to your shipment being set up to come to Chicago.

5/ Track and trace your shipment daily once it has been surrendered to the airlines.

6/ Once the shipment arrives we will clear through U.S. Customs, Agriculture & Fish and Wildlife

7/ Upon clearance, send your shipment to its requested destination.

8/ D&L will then contact you & or your taxidermist to advise your trophies departure out of Chicago.

9/ D&L works on a “trust is already developed” basis with our clients therefore we will send you our bill once our job is done and you will have 30 days to pay us.

Use D&L CHB, LLC as your U.S. customs broker and there will be no questions of what happened, where are my trophies, when are they coming home?? With choosing to use D&L’s services you’ve missed nothing…..go ahead and start planning your next hunt D&L has this one covered!!